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Hello! Today I’m sharing what I’ve been doing with my hair over the last few months. Back at the beginning of August, I started doing the Curly Girl method to try to revive my wavy hair texture. When I was in middle school, I had some great waves and texture to my hair, but as I’ve gotten older it hasn’t been as wavy. I now know it is because of the heat I had been putting on my hair as well as some other things. Curly Girl method means no parabens, silicones, sulphates, etc and no heat used on the hair. I don’t follow all the rules laid out since I do still diffuse my hair, but that is way less heat on my hair than I used to do. I hope you find this helpful if you are trying to revive your texture as well!

These two months have been so much easier than I thought. Honestly I do like wearing my hair in a bun or pony tail a lot so that kind of got me through the beginning really limp transition days. I would say my hair is still transitioning, but it has come such a long way in two months. It is kind of mind blowing actually! These products are what have helped with my styling process, but honestly I haven’t tried too many products. That will come with time to figure out exactly what techniques and products work best for my hair. I hope this helps if you are also looking to revive your hair texture. 🙂

I go to this site to check if products are Curly Girl friendly 

Swavy Curly Courtney – She has similar hair to mine & does a similar wash day routine

Manes by Mell – She has very different hair to mine, but still has great tips!

The main thing I focus on when it comes to styling my hair is water. I have found that my hair needs a ton of water to detangle, clump together properly, and minimize frizz. I like to wet style in the shower with a wet brush. This is what eliminates the most frizz for me. If you are having trouble with frizz as you damp style your hair, I highly recommend trying to apply all your products in the shower. It was a game changer for me!

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