Emily Freybler


Ever since I started wearing makeup in middle school, I remember loving it so much. I would always look at the Rite Aid and Walgreens ads to see what sales they had on beauty that week as well as the new products that were out. My mom and I would usually go out on Sundays to run errands and my favorite part was looking at all the beauty products. Now that I am older I still have that same love for makeup and beauty but now it has bloomed into something I am passionate about sharing with others. I  venture into higher end products now and then but I still have a love for finding high quality drugstore products at an unbeatable price.


My passion for fashion (hehe that rhymed) has always been there, but I now realize how much fun I have finding pieces at a reasonable price. It is so similar to beauty in the sense that there are so many great pieces out there for an affordable price. 


I’m so excited to share more of my life with you! I am so passionate about beauty and fashion, but there are so many other things I want to share as well. This section will be home to fitness, cooking, home decor, and much more.¬†

Emily Freybler

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