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Hello! Today I’m reviewing the Kiss Lash Glue Liner. I first heard of this product when one of my followers told me about it on Instagram. I was so intrigued because it seemed to be such an easy solution for lash glue. 

This lash glue liner is around $10 and looks like a normal eyeliner. It has a felt tip and super black color. You simply apply it like a normal eyeliner and then immediately apply the lashes. This is 100% my favorite part about the liner. I hate normal lash glue because it’s hard to know when to apply. It has to be tacky, but not too dry in order to get a great hold. This liner glue works immediately and is so sticky! As soon as the lashes hit the liner, they were stuck to it.

I think I have found the best new invention when it comes to applying lashes. It is going to make me wear false lashes so much more because it’s so easy now!

Emily Freybler
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