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These last few days have been filled with listening, educating, and more listening. I want to hear stories and learn how to help as much as possible. This blog post will share some ways to educate and support #blacklivesmatter. I will be sharing creators and businesses to support as well. We need to continue to educate ourselves, talk to the people around us, and invoke change. Please do not let this movement start and then fizzle out. Continue to use your voice for good. Change needs to happen. 



One of the most helpful websites with petitions to sign, places to donate, ways to educate yourself, etc.

Ways To Help

(Frequently Asked Questions) Can I link this on my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Website, etc? Yes, you absolutely can! Who are you? This site was started by @dehyedration! My name is Nico and I am 17 years old and still in school! Can I make a carrd inspired by this one?



Some YouTubers say they plan to donate their ad revenue from videos to Black Lives Matter movement

After George Floyd’s death at the hand of Minneapolis police, thousands took to the streets to protest, or opened their wallets to donate to help support the Black Lives Matter movement.




10 books you MUST read to learn about racism || black lives matter.

hey guys!! today’s video is all about the ten books you can read to learn more about racism, hope you enjoy. EMPOWERED BY VEE INSTAGRAM.…


Here are some creators on Instagram that I think you should check out. 🙂 There are obviously wayyyy more but this is a start.










Here are 25 black-owned restaurants to try in Greenville

Here are 25 black-owned restaurants to try in Greenville

CLOSE Editor’s note: When this list first published, there were 10 restaurants named. Since then, several have emailed The Greenville News to share more black-owned restaurants in the community. Those are included below to bring the list to 25.


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