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25 Shades

Full Coverage

Normal/Dry skin

Satin finish

All day wear

Dries to color in bottle

Concealer Review

I put the new elf hydrating camo concealer to the test against the original camo concealer to see if there really was a noticeable difference. The main difference to me is the texture and feeling on the skin. The new hydrating camo concealer is a little less thick and I could 100% feel the hydrating properties. It didn’t dry down as quickly and also didn’t feel tight around the under eye area.

The coverage of these two concealers is basically identical even though at first I thought it might have a little bit less coverage. I would say they are full coverage concealers and work great over blemishes or under the eyes.

My main problem with the new concealer is the shade. I got the same shade as I always do in the original camo concealer “Medium Sand” and it was way off compared to the original. I don’t mind them changing the shades and making it so the product doesn’t oxidize like the original. What I do mind is the fact they named them the same shade even though they are not. I demonstrate this in the video. This is my only problem with this concealer, but overall I will continue to use the concealer because I think it is great!

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