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Skincare is something I take very seriously because I used to have horrible cystic acne. I struggled for about 3 years with acne and I never want to get back there again. I have multiple YouTube videos about my acne struggles and what caused my acne so if you are curious then click here to watch!

I have found a routine that really works for me. Keeping it simple is what works for me because then my skin doesn’t get all confused. I had the same routine for a very long time and still pretty much do but I have incorporated a few new things.


Splash face with water
Vitamin C Serum


Makeup Remover
Differin Gel
Rosehip Seed Oil


Ponds Cold Cream w/ Wash Cloths
I have rotated through so many different ways to take off makeup. There were wipes, micellar waters, oil cleansers, double cleansing with a face wash, etc. This is my favorite way I have found to remove makeup without stripping the skin, drying it out or irritating it. The one thing I don’t like that much is that I have to use a wash cloth to take it off but I just picked up a cheap pack from Walmart to designate as my makeup removing wash cloths. I just use a quarter size amount and massage it all over the face. The makeup melts away and I wipe it all way with a damp wash cloth. It is so easy and like I said, my skin never feels dry or irritated.


Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser and Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser
My tried and true cleanser. I have been using this for 6+ months and won’t be stopping any time soon. I used to use the Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser but it seemed to be too stripping on my skin. When I switched to the hydrating version, my skin no longer felt as dry, sensitive or broke out as much. It is a milky, hydrating consistency and cleanses the skin without that tight feeling.


Differin Gel
I believe everyone needs a chemical exfoliant in their life. This has been great for reducing the clogged pores on my face. I have struggled for along time with clogged pores and this mostly keeps them at bay. It also helps prevent wrinkles and allows your skin to turn over faster. I highly recommend looking into it because it’s an amazing product that you can now get at the drugstore.


Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil
The most amazing thing I have done for my skin to even out acne scars! I love this stuff SO much! I know an oil will sound crazy if you have oily skin or struggled with acne but please trust me on this one. I have seen amazing results with reducing my acne scars by just using a few pumps of this every night. I usually just use this as a moisturizer after the Differin gel and I am good to go. My face feels hydrating, plump, and smooth after using the oil. Also it doesn’t break me out at all! I have been using this same size bottle for 6 months and I still have some left! Definitely a great value for an amazing product.


Cerave Moisturizing Lotion
This lotion is so gentle and amazing! I use this all over my body to moisturize as well as my face. I don’t use it every single day but it is a great moisturizer before sunscreen, especially in the winter months. In the summer, I usually just use the sunscreen as a moisturizer since it is so humid. It is a very lightweight formula that gives a lot of hydration without feeling heavy or sticky. Works great under makeup too!


Elta MD UV Clear
The only facial sunscreen that doesn’t burn my eyes! I love this sunscreen so much and have a full blog post about the reasons why. I am just so passionate about this sunscreen because I have struggled my whole life to find something that doesn’t burn my eyes! Check out the blog post here!


Banish Oil
Vitamin C Serum is great to use for acne scarring and to help even the skin tone. I use it in the morning. Just a few drops before sunscreen is all you need!


Acne Patch
These are the best for when you have an open blemish. It sucks all of the yucky stuff out of there and it is flat by morning! It also helps pull the blemish up to the surface if it is stubborn and under the skin.

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