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Body and skin care is so important to me and I have found some amazing products that are very affordable but also work very well. Today I’m going to share everything from body wash to deodarant to sunscreen. I hope you enjoy and find some new things to try!




Facial skin care is very important to me and I have found products I absolutely love that work!

Cerave is one of my favorite brands because it is gentle on the skin. I use the hydrating facial cleanser morning and night and use the hydrating micellar water to remove any makeup that was left behind. The Cerave moisturizing lotion is also amazing on the face as well as the body for lightweight moisture. 

My favorite sunscreen is eltaMD UV Clear. It doesn’t break my face out and this one also has a slight tint to even out your skin tone.

I have recently been trying the Aveeno overnight hydrating facial and I love it! It makes my skin so soft and plump when I wake up in the morning but isn’t heavy at all!

Aquaphor is something I can’t live without! I use it on my lips every day to ensure they are soft and moisturized.

Another very important product is the eyebrow razors. I use them to shave off the peach fuzz from my face. This will help exfoliate the skin to get dead skin cells off but will also create a smooth surface for makeup to sit on.



 My favorite perfume for the past few years has been this one from Este Lauder. It is the best scent ever and I’m almost out of my bottle!

To shave my legs for the past few months, I have been using the joy razor with the nivea sensitive shave gel. I have loved how smooth my legs have been and will definitely continue to use in the future! 

For sunscreen on mornings when I walk my dog, Luna, I love using this Hawaiian Tropics mist. It is easy for me to apply to my own back/shoulders and also doesn’t feel sticky. The Banana Boat one is also really nice if you hate the feeling of normal sunscreens!

One of my favorite things I have started using is the 5 minute whitening gel! I use an athletic mouth guard and mould it to my teeth to use as a tray. Then a few nights a week I will put the gel in the tray and apply to my teeth. It’s a very quick, easy, and affordable way to whiten your teeth!

The Johnson’s Baby Lotion has been a life saver this summer! I heard from my sister that it repels bugs and prevents them from biting you. She was right! It works very similar to bug spray but doesn’t have the nasty smell or chemicals! Who knew!? 


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