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Hello! I am so happy with how my new patio turned out so I thought I would share how I transformed our plain patio into my little sanctuary. 


My boyfriend, Caleb, and I recently moved from South Carolina to Mississippi for his job. We have moved three times since January 2018 because Caleb is in a two year rotational program. Our new apartment has a patio and it is a lot bigger than our last one. When we were in South Carolina, we lived on the first floor and there was no gate or railing so Luna, our dog, couldn’t come out there with us very often. When she did come out there on a leash, all she wanted to do is eat the wood chips. So obviously that was annoying. Luna is basically our child so that meant we were hardly out on our patio.
When we moved to South Carolina, I was so excited to have a patio to be able to work outside, sit out there in the evenings and talk with Caleb while listening to music. I love being outside and spending time with the ones I love most. Since we were hardly able to use that patio, I was very bummed out.
Fast Forward 10 months, we are now in Mississippi and I finally have my little oasis at our new place. This patio is about 2-3 times the size of our last one and we are not on the first floor so we have a railing. Luna loves being out here with me in the mornings when I work, as well as at night with Caleb and me.


When we first moved in, all that was on the patio was our two little chairs and side table that we had from our old place. It was fine but definitely not the most comfortable area to use. Then my parents came to town for Memorial day and we would sit on the patio but we had to bring chairs from inside out here. I had dreams of making this space cozy and amazing for Caleb and I, but also when we have guests. Like I said, I love being outside and talking with friends and family. So I started looking at different patio sets to add a few chairs out here. I wanted something more comfortable with arm rests and cushions. I found some amazing deals on Wayfair and that’s what sparked this transformation.


I know this was a long winded start to this post, but this patio means so much to me because I’m out here EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. Well, maybe not if it’s raining. I just love hearing the birds, the rustle of the leaves, cars driving by, and planes flying over my head. My mom always thinks I’m piping in bird sounds when I’m on the phone with her because they’re so loud! lol 

Okay enough about why I love this space, but let’s get into the cozy details. 🙂

We picked up the blue folding chairs and side table while we were in South Carolina and they are great for small spaces!

I love our new set from Wayfair so much and can’t believe the quality for the price! It is exactly what I wanted and I love that the white cushions haven’t gotten dirty even though it’s rained on them quite a bit!

The beautiful multicolored palm rug really caught my eye. I love a bright rug to have fun in a space, especially outdoors. This rug from AtHome was perfect and only $25 for a 3×5!

The string lights are one of my all time favorite parts of the patio. It feels so incredibly homey at night when we plug those in and it just lights up the whole balcony. Since we strung them up decently high, it doesn’t attract too many bugs and creates the perfect night time lighting. 

These pots are so cute from Target! I love the details of the larger white ones and it’s a great mix with the simple ones. It’s so nice to have some plants on the balcony and they are growing like crazy! I love it! 

Also these citronella candles are a must! I need to get some more soon because we light them every time we are out there at night! 

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