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Summer is right around the corner! Actually, for some of us, it’s already here!! Mississippi has been so incredibly hot already. For someone not used to having 90 degree weather in May, it’s a little bit of a culture shock. I’m not complaining but it’s just weird. I talk to my mom basically once a day. This has been going on ever since I left for college 5 years ago. We seem to always compare weather because the last year and a half I’ve lived in a different state. Lately, Michigan has had some really cold weather for the time of year. It’s been dipping down to the 50’s which is insane! Then I tell her that it’s 80 degrees at 9am in Mississippi. lol. Michigan weather is always very up and down but hopefully those days of 40’s and 50’s will be over soon. Luckily, my parents came to visit over Memorial Day weekend so they had some taste of the hot weather.

Well now that you have a little idea of the weather in different parts of the country, lets talk summer beauty essentials. These are some of my favorite lightweight beauty products that get me through the summer months. I have included everything from lightweight BB creams to my favorite lip colors for this time of year. I hope you enjoy looking through what products I love and why.

Stay cool this summer! If you don’t, at least you will have some summer beauty essentials to help you feel better.



elf Oil Control Primer Mist

This primer is the best if you have oily or combination skin. I love that it’s a mist so it feels very refreshing when you start your makeup. It helps the makeup last all day and keeps my oils at bay. 

No7 Custom Blend Foundation Drops

These drops are the best for summer time. The concept is to mix these in with your day time moisturizer or sunscreen. You can also adjust the coverage for less or more coverage. I use these all the time because it’s almost like a high coverage tinted moisturizer when you use more drops! 

Click here for a full video review I did! 


No7 Tinted Skin Perfector 

This product is so unique because it’s almost like a primer and tinted bb cream in one. It has very LIGHT coverage. All this will do is even out your skin tone and smooth everything out. My pores basically disappear when I put this on and my skin just looks overall smoother. I love this for days when I want to wear basically no makeup but still want to feel put together. Great for the pool or beach! Also if you don’t self tan your face, this is perfect to match the color of your tan!


Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream

My favorite BB cream ever! This would be in place of a foundation in the summer time. It has medium coverage, looks like skin, and keeps me matte throughout the day. The perfect product for summer if you ask me!

Wet ‘n Wild Mega Glow Contour Stick 

My secret weapon when I want to be out the door and not fuss with powdering my face and doing all the steps. This is great to contour/bronze on top of a bb cream for a very natural bronze look. Put it everywhere you would put a normal powder bronzer, but it’s a cream stick that blends in well with your fingers or a sponge. I love how natural and effortless this looks.

Flower Beauty Blush Bomb

Another product for days when I don’t want to fuss with powders. I love liquid blushes like this for when I want a little flush to the cheeks while wearing minimal makeup. This is a very natural blush color and it blends effortlessly into the skin. You only need a tiny dot of the product because it’s very pigmented!

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek

The most beautiful cream to powder formula. I love that I can wear this on top of powder or on top of creams and it still looks beautiful. This is a light highlight with a slight golden undertone. It’s absolutely beautiful on the cheeks or the inner corner of the eye. I also love to mix it with the product below this!

Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter

Another one of my favorite cream to powder highlighters. This one is very gold and looks beautiful with a tan! It is a little bit more “glittery” (for the lack of a better word. It’s not glittery, but is just more noticeable) on the cheek than the Colourpop one so that’s why I like mixing them together. 

Wet ‘n Wild High Shine Liquid Lipstick

My absolute favorite lipstick at the moment! This is a cross between a lipstick and a gloss. It’s very shiny but also has the pigment of a lipstick. It is the perfect nude paired on top of my favorite lip liner that is mentioned next!


Covergirl Exhibitionist Lip Liner

The best lip liner of all lip liners! I love this all year round but it especially looks amazing with a nude lip. I always line and fill in my lips with this and then add the Wet ‘n Wild High Shine Liquid Lipstick on top. It’s stunning!

Catrice Eyebrow Filler & Shaping Gel

The best all in one brow product for days at the pool or when you want a quick summer look! I love that this fills in my brows quickly and also keeps them in place. 

Elta MD Face Sunscreen

The only facial sunscreen that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin! I wear this everyday to protect my face from the sun. Nobody has time for sun damage! It’s a little bit tinted too which is nice for no makeup days!

Click here to see why I love this sunscreen so much!


Gel Nail Kit

The gel nail kit I swear by from Amazon. It’s under $50 and stays on the nails for a few weeks. I have saved so much money by doing my own nails at home and I know a lot of you have too! It’s one of the most bought items after I made a YouTube video about how I apply the gel.

Click here for my Gel Nail Tutorial!


Dove Dry Shampoo

The best dry shampoo from the drugstore. I love the smell, the volume that it gives my hair! Also it absorbs the oils which is obviously the best part! I use this multiple times a week and love it! It’s perfect for those hot sweaty days when you just need a little refresh!

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

One of my favorite perfumes of all time but especially for the summer time! It smells so beautiful and summery without smelling like coconuts. I don’t know how else to describe it, but it’s beautiful!

Ulta Self Tanner

My favorite affordable self tanner at the moment! It develops in 3 hours to give an absolutely beautiful color! 

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