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Curling hair is an art. At least I like to think so. Everyone has their own techniques and this is the method that has worked for me for years now. I have been using the same curling iron since high school and love it. I hope this helps you if you would like to achieve curls/waves similar to mine. 🙂



I love this heat protectant from L’Oreal. It nourishes my hair, making it feel really smooth, but also protects the hair from heat up to 450 degrees! It is basically a leave in conditioner and heat protectant in one so this is all I use on my hair out of the shower.




I don’t always blow dry my hair, but if I wash my hair in the morning then I do. I would say I blow dry my hair once a week if that. I honestly prefer my hair air dried because it is already kind of wavy and the texture helps with curling the hair.

Get my blow dryer here.




Now to the main star of the show. This Remington curling wand is my absolute favorite curling iron that I own. I know the barrel is a little small, but it works for me. I love this iron because the curls hold for days after using it. I have used a Hot Tools wand and the curls don’t stay like they do with the Remington curling wand.

All I do is take a small 1 inch section and start by wrapping it around the barrel. I try to stay toward the thickest part of the barrel and hold it for about 5-7 seconds before I let go. I personally just keep the curls tight until they cool and shake them out later.




After I am done curling the entire head, I take my Garnier Hairspray. I love the flexible hold hairspray because it holds the hair but isn’t stiff at all! I have been using this for probably 5-6 years now and I still love it. I spray it all over the head and lift the hair at the same time. Sometimes I even turn my head over and spray to get more volume. I also do this to loosen up the curls.




And that is it! I find that these curls last for a couple days. They definitely relax but I love the wavy look on the second day. I have been doing this for years now and love how it turns out every time!


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