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Nude lipsticks are always something I gravitate towards. It doesn’t matter what makeup look I do. Nude lipsticks are always good to me. It is definitely difficult to find a good one that compliments my skintone and also has an amazing formula. I recently got these Covergirl Exhibitionist Lipsticks in PR from Covergirl and I immediately fell in love with the nude shades. That’s why I want to share the best of the Covergirl Exhibitionist nude lipsticks. This is definitely NOT sponsored. I just want to share these shades because I have been wearing them basically every day. These are my personal favorite colors to wear on a daily basis. Now lets get into the nudes!


The formula on these lipsticks is basically my new favorite. I have been wearing them non stop! I am turning into a regular lipstick girl. I know right! I can’t believe it either. I was all about the liquid lipsticks and only liquid lipsticks for so long, but the L’Oreal Color Riche Lipsticks in Mattsterpiece started changing my mind. This is my FAVORITE lipstick and before these Covergirl Exhibitionist nude lipsticks I was only wearing this! Click here to pick it up!

There are two different formulas for the ones I am mentioning but only one is the demi matte. I like the cream finish of these lipsticks personally. It is shiny without being like a gloss. It’s enough to enhance the size of your lips and make them look nice and hydrated. I also love that these lipsticks go on evenly over the lips without making those weird lines that matte lipsticks can do.

It is a hydrating formula that lasts SO long on the lips, especially when you put the lip liner underneith. It may not last as long as a liquid lipstick, but these Covergirl Exhibitionist lipsticks wear off beautifully. The nudes just fade into your natural lip color when you’re eating instead of having a harsh line that a liquid lipstick can leave.

So basically the formula is BOMB!




As for my favorite colors, I have eight different ones to share with you. They are all nudes, but some are very pale, have peachy or pink undertones, or are just right. My absolute favorite two that I have been wearing non stop are Champagne and Honey Bloomed. Champagne has a more neutral undertone where Honey Bloomed is more on the pink side. It just depends what I am going for that day, but those are definitely my most worn. I also love layering these lipsticks. I will sometimes put on Champagne and layer Decadent Peach on top to have a summery peachy look. Or I will put Creme in the center to lighten up the middle and do an ombre look. The possibilities are endless with these lipsticks because they blend together so well.

I shared both lipliners but to be honest I mainly wear caramel nude. It is just a little bit darker than my lip color so it creates an amazing contour for the lips. It also allows the lipstick to last for hours and hours when I put it all over the lips.




I truly love these lipsticks and I have been wearing them every time I wear lipstick since I got them in the mail. I hope you liked this post and if you want to see me talk about other shades in the range then please let me know! Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

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