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Since Caleb and I live in Pennsylvania right now, we decided it was time to make our way over to Philadelphia. We have wanted to visit since we started living near Pittsburgh in January. Caleb loves Philly Cheesesteaks from PennStation so he wanted to try the authentic version in the city it was made. Getting cheesesteaks and seeing the Liberty Bell were the two things we had to do on this trip, but other than that we just wanted to explore.

We decided to just go for one day and explore because we honestly don’t have much time right now between people visiting and getting ready to move to South Carolina. After we dropped Luna, our puppy dog, off at a friend’s place, we made our way to the city of brotherly love.


Like I said, we really wanted to see the Liberty Bell so that was the first stop we made. It honestly wasn’t a very long line. We probably waited for about 15 minutes before we got in the building to see it and get a picture. I can’t believe they don’t have glass around the bell. It’s just out in the open for you to get super close. There are only ropes separating people from the bell so I’m sure tons of people have reached over to touch it lol.  I am so glad we were able to make it over to Philly to see the Liberty bell. I don’t even really like history and I think it is definitely a must see once in your life.


After seeing the Liberty Bell, we wanted to go to this park I had seen online so we started walking. Along the way Caleb noticed this bar called Paddy’s. That’s the name of the bar in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia so obviously we had to stop and have a beer there. I’m not really a fan of the show, but Caleb loves it so it was a must do. This wasn’t the bar in the show, but the cast had visited the location because of the name. It was a really cute little dive bar.


After the bar we walked around some more to see the city, but it was so hot outside that we needed to cool down with some ice cream. We found this super cute little shop and they had the most amazing mango apricot sorbet ever. It was the perfect cool down for a hot summer day.


For the last stop of the day we obviously had to go to the Rocky steps and get a picture with the statue. It was so funny seeing so many people running up the steps just like the movie. There was some event going on at the art museum so it was very busy, but we only waited for about 10-15 minutes to get a picture with the statue.


We had such an amazing trip to Philadelphia. I didn’t get any photos of the cheesesteaks, but they didn’t let us down. I am so glad we made the trip and got to explore for the day. We definitely need to come back in the future for a longer stay but at least we got a little taste of the east coast. Now I feel comfortable moving down to South Carolina since we got this trip done. Can’t wait for the next adventure with my travel buddy! 🙂

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