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As you all know by now, I love makeup :). I bring a lot of makeup with me when I travel so I need a makeup bag that can fit a lot and is nice and sturdy so nothing gets broken. Recently I got this makeup bag for my birthday at the end of May and I LOVE it! My previous makeup bag was great as well, but was hard to get in and out of because of the way the zippers worked. This is definitely the best affordable makeup bag and it’s from Amazon. Hello two day shipping!! Oh and did I mention it’s only $19?! Alright lets get into why I love this bag so much.


I love neutrals because they are always going to be your friend. I wanted a simple black makeup bag so it looked classic and sophistocated. I don’t love patterns so a black bag was perfect for me.


I wanted a makeup bag that was extremely functional. Something I could easily get in and out of as well as carry easily. I love this handle on the bag. It’s so sturdy and great for if you need to carry it around separately. I also needed to have a zipper that allowed me to see the entire bag so there would be no products left behind and forgotten.

This makeup case is extremely sturdy with a hard bottom so nothing gets broken. I love that everything is super secure.



I need to be organized when it comes to my makeup and these compartments are a life saver! I love that I can customize how the bag is laid out depending on what products I want to bring with me. I like keeping all my small product separate from my face products so they are easy to find. This makes doing my makeup so easy and take no time at all because everything has a home in the bag!



Brush compartments was a must for me when it came to a new makeup bag. I could never fit my brushes in my other bag so I would always have to pack them separately. I would always worry that I would forget my brushes for trips because they were separate from all my other makeup. Now I don’t have to worry. There’s enough space for all the brushes I want to bring and there’s even a flap that keeps them protected from potential makeup spills in the main compartment.

Also that zipper compartment is the perfect area for storing palettes!



I need a bag that will allow me to fit all the makeup I want while traveling. This photo above is all the makeup I can fit in this bag and I could definitely still fit more. This is mainly the makeup I keep in my makeup bag so I can easily create an everyday look from my  favorite products.

There is no more limiting how much makeup I want to bring! I still can’t believe this bag fits that much makeup.

Make sure to check out this bag if you are in the market for an amazing and affordable makeup bag! You can shop it here!
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