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Spring is one of my favorite seasons because towards the end it starts to get warm and I can get rid of jackets! At least for the most part. I wanted to do a Spring get ready with me showing my hair, makeup, and outfit so you could see what a typical day looks like for me. I don’t always looked put together, but when I do, this is what I go for.

I have a full video on this whole look on my YouTube channel that you can check out HERE.


First up is makeup! For my everyday Spring makeup, I like to pull products out of my little makeup bag. For the most part I keep my favorite makeup for the month in a little makeup bag so it’s easier to get ready in a hurry. I have a whole collection that I can pull from if I want to switch things up, but for the most part I stick to these products.

I like an effortless makeup look with not a lot of eye makeup. Skin is where I focus most of my time because like you might know from my YouTube videos, I have acne I like to cover. I also tend to stick to more cream products for a fresh and glowy look, but I still set them with powder so they stay put all day long.

Most of these products are actually from my April favorites video that you can check out HERE!


Now it’s time for hair. I love beachy, voluminous hair. Lately I haven’t been enjoying the straight hair as much as I once did. I love using this Remington curling iron because my hair holds the curl so well. I don’t know what it is about this iron, but it’s only $25 and works like a charm. It’s honestly a super easy hairstyle because I make sure the pieces don’t look too perfect. Like I said, I love beachy waves and beachy waves are messy and effortless looking so each piece is unique.

Since I had 4 day old hair in this video, I made sure to use my Batiste dry shampoo. It is honestly the best dry shampoo on a budget. I love the clean & bare and the tropical scents the most. They seem to absorb the oil more. I don’t know why, but they just do.

I also like to finish it off with some texturizing spray. I only do this when I have dirty hair because it can get pretty messy the next morning if I sleep in texturizing sprayed hair. That was a mouth full. lol. I like to do this hairstyle with no hairspray or anything if I am doing it on clean hair because it seems to stay nice longer. Just a little tip for you! For real though this is the best texturizing spray for pretty affordable and it makes your hair so messy, yet cool and voluminous.



Finally it’s time for the outfit. Everything except the watch is part of my Spring Target clothing haul! You can check that video out HERE.

I love these pieces so much and they just scream spring for me! The pop of coral/pink in the clutch with the rest of the neutrals is my favorite. I am a neutrals girl at heart, but I love to throw in some pops of color. This outfit is the perfect comfy cute errands running outfit. Comfy cute is how I role because who doesn’t want to feel comfy but still look cute?!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I style pieces from my haul!

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