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Happy May! I can’t believe it’s already my birthday month! Does anyone else feel like this year is flying by?

Now lets get into the best drugstore foundations! I have broken down EVERY. SINGLE. foundation I love for you because I just love you all so much. There is a section for the best full, medium, and light coverage drugstore foundations. I’ve got everyone covered 😉 with the best drugstore foundations.

Comment below your favorite drugstore foundation! I would love to try it out!

Just for reference…my skin type is combination. I have an oily t-zone and the rest of my face is very normal. I like to use matte and dewy foundations and also ones in-between. It really depends on how I’m feeling that day. Keep in mind, if you have an oily t-zone or oily skin in general you can sometimes get away with dewy foundations while using a mattifying primer and mattifying powder. But lets get on to foundations because primers and powders are for another day. 


Spring and summer are my favorite times to wear light coverage foundations. There’s just something about the warm weather and tan skin that scream natural beauty to me. I love wearing a light coverage foundation when I have more tan skin because I feel like my imperfections are less visible. Anyone else feel that way? These are some of the absolute best light coverage foundations at the drugstore and they all feel/perform so differently on the skin.

The Garnier BB Cream has been one of my favorites for a few years now. It is such a great throw on and go product especially because it has a little SPF. It is only SPF 20 so I would recommend wearing something SPF 30 or higher underneath. If you are just running out the door and can’t be bothered, this will do. The finish of this is very natural and isn’t super dewy, but also isn’t super matte. I like to set this one in my t-zone but everywhere else should be fine without setting.

The coverage is light, but it is somewhat buildable which I enjoy a lot. I only have to minimally spot conceal with the Garnier BB Cream. The color selection is garbage like most BB Creams, but keep in mind the light/medium shade is more yellow undertone and the medium/deep is more pink.  Just like most BB creams, they don’t last the longest on the skin, but for day time in the summer I always reach for something like this.

Get Garnier BB Cream here!


I have also been using the Maybelline Dream BB Pure for about 4 years now and continue to go back to it. If you follow me on YouTube, you will know I struggle with acne and the fact this product has 2% salicylic acid in it is amazing! When you struggle with acne like I do, I am always concerned that the product will clog my pores, but this one really helps to fight acne while I wear it. This is a product I reach for when I want to wear foundation, but don’t want to make my acne worse.

The finish is more matte than the Garnier BB Cream, but it is buildable just like the Garnier one. It is a light coverage that can cover redness and even out skintone, but you will have to spot conceal. The finish is so skinlike with this one that I could just throw it on and go without really needing to do much else to my face.

Make sure to wear a sunscreen with this one though because it doesn’t have any SPF. With the acne fighting ingredients, your skin is more likely to get sunburnt so be careful!

Get Maybelline Dream BB Pure here!

The e.l.f. Foundation Serum is one of my new found loves. I have been using it for about two months now and I LOVE it! The feel of it really is like a serum on the skin. It is so silky smooth and just glides right over the skin while still looking like your skin and not sitting on top of it. The coverage is very similar to the other two being light but somewhat buildable. I love putting this on to run errands and days when I just want to hang around the house. This one also has SPF 25 which is closer to the recommended SPF 30, which is nice if you don’t have time to put on SPF before this product. This has been the light coverage foundation I have been reaching for lately and it really is one of the best drugstore foundations.

Get e.l.f. Foundation Serum here!


Medium coverage foundations are great for days when I want more coverage, but don’t want a full mask of makeup. It’s for the days when I want to look put together and need something a little more than a bb cream. I love medium coverage foundations for when my skin is doing well because I can just put it on quickly and not spend time spot concealing since it already has pretty great coverage. Here we go with the best drugstore foundations with medium coverage!

L’Oreal seriously makes some of the best drugstore foundations. There are 3 on this list, but they’re just so good!! For everyone who wants to look nice and glowy, this foundation is for you. The coverage is medium and your skin will look so healthy! I love how this wears throughout the day without getting me super oily as long as I wear a mattifying primer.

Get L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow here!

This is probably the cheapest foundaiton on the list, but definitely one of the best. This is such a buildable foundation which is what I really love about it. If you do one layer it’s more on the medium coverage side, but it can almost build to full coverage. I honestly didn’t know what category to put it in, but I just thought since it’s more medium then I would classify it as that. The finish of this is definitely matte so if you don’t like matte foundations it’s not for you. I just love how this wears throughout the day. It really stays put all day long without looking weird and caking up. It’s a must have if you’re on a budget.

Get Wet ‘n Wild Photo Focus here!

I told you there were 3 on this list. This is another great medium coverage foundation but the finish is a lot more of a natural satin finish. I love how skinlike this foundation is and the way it wears throughout the day is amazing. Also the shade range of the true match line is unlike any other drugstore brand. They even break it up into cool, warm, and neutral undertones. Could every brand please do that?!

Get L’Oreal True Match Foundation here!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation

My new found love. Actually it’s an old love and the flame was recently rekindled. I love this foundation so much. This is another foundation that has a natural finish, but this one is more on the matte side. Hence Matte + Poreless right?! This foundation is so nice because it just feels like my natural skin would look if I didn’t get oily throughout the day naturally. It’s amazing.

Get Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless here!


Finally we have the full coverage foundations. Since I have struggled with acne and at times my acne was severe, I have more full coverage foundations to share with you. I really think I have found the best drugstore foundations when it comes to full coverage. These are the best of the best longwearing, buildable, full coverage, amazing foundations. I have a variety of matte and dewy foundations so there is something for everybody!

The last and final L’Oreal Foundation. This is probably the foundation I have been using the longest on this list. I even used it in one of my most popular videos on YouTube called my Flawless Full Coverage Foundation Routine. I love how this foundation stays flawless ALL. DAY. LONG. Seriously if I am going to an event, this is the foundation I wear. It stays matte, doesn’t cake, and looks great for so long. I have never tested the whole 24 hour thing, but I’m sure it would stand the test of time.

Get L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte here!

Another new love of mine, the Flower Beauty foundation really looks like skin. For a full coverage foundation, that is so hard to find. I love how this effortlessly lays on the skin and makes me look glowy but natural. It’s so hard to explain. This definitely is a dewy foundation that I need to set, but I love that glow for the spring time. If I want this to wear for a long time I make sure to wear a mattifying primer and powder, but it really is an amazing foundation!

Get Flower Beauty Light Illusion here!

Another new 2018 foundation. This is someone with dry skin’s dream. The foundation is SO dewy and skin like, it looks flawless on the skin. I HAVE to set this having combination skin and I think even someone with dry skin would have to set it because it never really dries down. I love how glowy my skin looks with this and it was a favorite of mine during the colder months when my skin was more dry.

Get Wet ‘n Wild Mega Cushion here!

This almost compares to the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte for how longwearing and amazing this one is. I like how lightweight this foundation feels and it mixes with other foundations amazingly! I love using this to lighten foundations while also adding coverage. For a full coverage foundation, the shade range SUCKS, but it really is an amazing foundation and I use it all the time when my skin is just struggling. Definitely one of the top best drugstore foundation picks for me.

Get Catrice HD Liquid Coverage here!

Another old love of mine. This foundation is so great because it is more of a natural finish. The other four I mentioned were either very dewy or very matte where this one sits in the middle. It is gorgeous, but I would highly recommend using a sponge because this is a thick foundation. Either way the coverage is amazing and it wears great throughout the day.

Get Milani Conceal + Perfect here!

Overall, these 13 foundations are the best of the best, the ultimate picks, my homies, my favs. Alright you get it. They’re the best drugstore foundations for simply being them. I truly believe there is a foundation for everyone in this list. There is such a variety, but they are all amazing in their own way and for whichever situation I want them for. I hope you find something you love as well.


If you have a favorite drugstore foundation please let me know in the comments! I would love to try it out!


Have an amazing day!

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