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New Essence Products Update

I tried these Essence products in a recent video on my YouTube channel for the first time and now I am here to tell you my final review of the new essence products. There were some really high hits and some really low misses, but overall I love Essence and I am so happy I tried out their new stuff.


Now….lets get into the makeup!

Angled Eyebrow Brush


If you don’t have an angled brush for cleaning up under your brow with concealer after you are done filling them in,  and you want one, this is amazing for that. I had always wanted one, but never thought I needed one and for $1.99 I am obsessed!

Smokey Eyes Brush


I still love this smokey eye brush. It is the perfect pencil brush for detailed work, especially smudging the lower lash line. The bristles are so soft that it doesn’t hurt to blend on that delicate area.

Eye Blender Brush


Yay for Essence finally having a great blending brush!! Blending brushes are so hard to find at the drugstore and this one really hit it out of the park. I will definitely be using this one a lot! Again the bristles on these brushes are SO SOFT!

Superlast Eyebrow Pomade Pencil


I have continued to use this pencil and I really do like it. Cons are definitely the color being too warm and the fact there is a weird brush instead of a spooly. I would say try it out, but I like things such as the NYX Micro Brow Pencil better.

Longlasting Lipliner


I have basically worn this lipliner every single day I have worn makeup. The color is so spot on and it blends amazingly. I love that the formula isn’t too dry and that I don’t have to sharpen it every day. Definitely a must have.

Color Correcting Liquid Concealer


Not to be too harsh, but this is a complete flop for me. The pink color didn’t do anything to counter any darkness I had because the pigment just wasn’t there. Really disappointed in this one.

Matt Matt Matt Lipgloss


Also another fail for me. This is absolutely not matte and it has a strange texture while on the lips. It felt almost crumbly but still wet. I would rather wear a regular lipstick and a gloss than this product.


Another great setting spray from the drugstore. I really love this spray, but I’m not sure if it really makes my makeup last longer. Lately that hasn’t mattered to me as much. I love setting sprays to do exactly what it says: set the makeup. Without a setting spray, makeup can look powdery and this one fixes that completely. Also the sprayer on this product is phenominal because it’s very fine. I say pick it up for sure!


Glowy primers are all the rage lately (at least it feels like it). As someone who struggles with acne, I have a love hate relationship with them. I love glowy skin, but I don’t want to emphasize texture. I like to keep these products where I don’t have acne and texture. Overall I really like this product for the glow properties, but it is definitely not pore filling!


This bronzer is gorgeous on the skin! One downside is that it is quite light. I would say if you are light to light medium skin, you could use this, but not much darker than that. It does have a slight sheen to it which will be gorgeous in the summer time. Oh and did I mention it blends AMAZINGLY?!

Kabuki Brush


100% IN LOVE WITH THIS BRUSH!! So soft, so blendable, simply amazing. It is perfect for powder, bronzer, basically any face product you want.


This foundation is a no for me. The color selection is garbage, it creases easily on the skin and it just isn’t worth it. I think there are soooo many affordable drugstore options that this one just doesn’t cut it for me.


I also don’t like this sponge. 🙁 I had high hopes for it when I took it out of the package because it felt squishy and soft, but when I wet it under the sink, it just didn’t compare to my Ulta collection sponge.


I have been using this non stop! Definitley my new favorite liquid highlighter. It is glowy without being too over the top and makes me feel like I’m glowing from within. I LOVE it!


If you struggle with winged eyeliner, you NEED this product. I have never found creating a wing as easy as I have with this wand. The brush is felt and somewhat stiff, but not too much so you can still create a nice flick for the wing. It is AMAZING! Also the formula is so black and doesn’t smudge or flake. This replaces the NYC Liquid Liner for me. It’s THAT good!
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