Flawless Face

An easy to follow guide to help you achieve the makeup confidence you’ve always wanted.

Flawless Face Ebook

Are you tired of putting on makeup and not liking how it looks?

This guide will help you through all of your face makeup struggles. Videos accompany the book to show you exactly how to apply everything from primer to powder. I cover exactly what each product is and what it is for, tools needed for each step, application techniques, and product recommendations. 




Makeup Application

After completing this ebook you will know how to properly apply makeup to achieve the look you desire.


You will feel confident the products you are using will be right for you and your skin.


You will feel confident in yourself.

My Background

My name is Emily Freybler and I am a YouTuber who fell in love with watching YouTube videos my first year of college. I would spend hours going through all the content and learning as much as I could about makeup. After learning so much on YouTube and applying it to my makeup routine, I started my YouTube channel to share what I had learned with all of you!

I learned everything I know from YouTube. It is an amazing resource to learn and grow your makeup skills, but there are so many videos out there that it is hard to know which ones to watch. My number one reason for creating this ebook was to consolidate all of the information I had learned into one, easy-to-access location.

For about three years around the end of my college career, I struggled with cystic acne. This was a time in my life that really tested my confidence. I turned to makeup to help me cope. This is when I fell in love with the art of covering acne. I was in love with creating a flawless base even with acne. I would try so many different products to see what worked best to cover acne without making my face too cakey. Some of my most viewed videos on YouTube have to do with covering acne or flawless foundation routines.

Flawless Face Ebook

Do you struggle with acne?

I know how much acne can take away from your confidence. I have struggled with acne for over three years now. At one point I had really bad cystic acne and my confidence went way down.

Once I found out how to cover my acne, putting on makeup always made my confidence go up. Being able to cover up my acne helped me feel somewhat “normal” for the day and definitely helped my confidence go up. 

In this ebook, I show you how to cover up your acne using the techniques that worked for me. Obviously it won’t help the whole issue, but I hope that I can help you find confidence in yourself again through makeup.


Video Tutorials

There are video tutorials and explanations every step of the ebook. I wanted to make sure it was as easy to follow as possible. These videos show exactly how to apply each type of product with different tools.

Flawless Face Ebook

Emily Freybler

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