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Fall is here and that means darker makeup! At least that’s what you always see on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I love vampy fall lips but sometimes that isn’t wearable for the everyday person. That’s why I wanted to share my 5 wearable fall lip colors. These are deeper nudes and berry tones that you could wear anytime and still be comfortable and confident! If you haven’t already, check out my 4 easy ways to transition to fall makeup. 🙂

1. Tempting Toffee

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should), I talk about the Covergirl Exhibitionist Lipsticks all the time. I love a bunch of the nude shades. I even did a full blog post about all my favorite nude shades from the collection. Check it out here! So obviously I love the collection, but this shade is the perfect nude for the fall time. It’s a little deeper and has more brown tones to make it perfect for fall time. Get it here!

2. Teddy Bare

Milani’s lipstick formula is one of the best affordable lipsticks on the market. They are creamy but last a long time on this lips. This is a new shade to me but I am in love with it! It’s like a mocha shade mixed with the reds of a berry. It’s definitely neutral but something different than your normal nude lip. I think this would be beautiful with an olive green shirt, a chunky cardigan, and ripped jeans. Okay I’m running to go put that outfit on right now! lol

Get it here!

3. Sandstorm

My third nude of the five shades. I just love nude lips okay. This is probably the lightest shade of the post but I just love it for the fall time. It definitely leans more to the brown side but is more of the classic pale nude. It looks beautiful with a warm eye look. I have a tutorial using this lipstick on my YouTube channel. Check it out here!

Get the lipstick here!

4. Kisses

YAY for berry tones in the fall! I love a good berry during this time of year and this is one of the most comfortable formulas. I have a full tutorial on my YouTube channel using this lipstick for fall. Check it out here! The formula is matte but not cracky matte. It lasts all day but it isn’t transfer proof just so you know!

Get it here!

5. Berry Recognize

Wet ‘n Wild’s Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks are some of my all time favorites and this shade is no exception. Another deeper berry tone for fall. This is your classic liquid lipstick so it won’t transfer and it lasts all day long! I now have five shades of this liquid lipstick because I’m just that in love. If you haven’t tried out this formula and love liquid lipsticks then what are you doing with your life?! They’re so affordable and the colors are beautiful!

Get it here!

What are your favorite lipstick shades for fall?! I would love to know because I’m always up for trying something new! Thank you so much for reading!

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