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Since we moved a few weeks ago, I have been trying to get our apartment looking cute and put together without spending tons of money. For our living room, we needed a lamp to turn on with a switch that is next to the front door since the room doesn’t have any ceiling lights. I have been looking and looking for something that I liked and didn’t look super grandma and I FINALLY found it!


While looking on Pinterest, I kept seeing tripod floor lamps and I loved them. They just look so different and modern/industrial which I love. The problem with most of them is they’re around $50, $70, $100+ to get one. I eventually was going to give up and get something cheap that didn’t look as nice but I eventually found this one from Walmart! This cheap tripod floor lamp was only $20 and it looks like it could be triple the cost. I am in love with how it looks in the space.


The quality is good but obviously not great for $20. It isn’t as heavy as I’m sure the expensive ones are but as long as you don’t have things/people/pets bumping into it, then you should be fine. The legs come apart in three pieces and just screw together so assembly was super easy. I also love that the cord runs through one of the legs and out the bottom. It makes it so sleek and easy to hide. I also love the simplicity of the black and white. I have been wanting to incorporate more black in this space since it’s Caleb and I living here. I can’t be super duper girly in the whole apartment. lol


Let me know if you like this style and any amazing decor finds you have! I will be sharing a full tour of our apartment once it’s complete here soon. If you haven’t watched any moving vlogs make sure to check out my YouTube channel to see an empty apartment tour!


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