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Finding jean shorts is always a struggle. At least for me it is! I always want something cute, comfortable, and affordable, but sometimes I swear they don’t exist. On my hunt for the best affordable jean shorts of 2018, I have finally found them in July. I know it’s a little late for summer and most people are starting to think about fall, but I swear you need to listen up! These jean shorts are so affordable partly because of the store they’re from, but also because of the time of year. Alright that’s enough intro. Lets get into these amazing shorts!


I have been looking for my favorite jean shorts for a while now. I have like Celebrity Pink shorts and a pair of Kan Can ones that I picked up from TJ Maxx, but every pair had things I didn’t like. They would bunch up, be too long, too short, too restrictive, etc. These shorts don’t do any of that! I’m in love!


One of my favorite things about these affordable jean shorts is that they actually look very cute and trendy. The light wash that I have is distressed and has an open hem fringe at the bottom which I love! They look like jeans from a more expensive store for the cute washes and the distressedness (lol I don’t think that’s a word but I’m making it up!) Also I love that they’re inbetween a mid rise and high rise. These sit just below my belly button which is my favorite place to have the waistband sit.


Like I said before, I want to be comfortable in my clothes. My main goal in life is to find clothing that is adorable and still comfortable. These jean shorts meet that criteria. They have a stretchy jean material that make it easy to move around and not feel like waistband is digging into your stomach when you bend over. I do find that the light wash feels more like a jean material than the olive green. The green ones are more stretchy so I probably could have gone down from a size 6 to a size 4.

The other great thing about these shorts is the inseam! It is 3″ so it never rides up my legs and feels like I’m walking around with a diaper on. I feel like this is the perfect length between a weird long short and the short shorts that most of us wore when we were teenagers.

No more sausage legs! These shorts don’t cut off your legs weird and they actually flow away from the leg slightly in the back. I LOVE this because it makes your legs look smaller verses your legs looking like they are being squeezed to death. It’s a slight detail but another thing that makes these shorts so flattering.


So they passed the test of comfy and cute, but these shorts definitely pass the affordable test too! I have gotten both of these pairs for $15 a piece! Old Navy always has sales and these shorts are 40% off right now! I don’t know how long they will stock them because it’s July so most stores are trying to clear out their summer items. I say these are a must have! They’re so worth it even if you just wear them for the rest of the summer. I made sure to have two pairs of these shorts since I will be moving to South Carolina to the warmer weather.
What is your favorite pair of jean shorts? I feel like most people have one pair they wear over and over again. I definitely have found mine.

Let me know what other fashion posts you want to see. Thank you so much for reading!

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