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In a day and age where people are getting lip fillers left and right, it seems like everyonewants big, plump lips. I have naturally bigger lips and don’t have fillers, but have found some tips and tricks to make my natural lips look as big as possible. These are so easy to achieve and I love the outcome of these tips and tricks to make your lips look bigger. I hope you will too!


I love to apply lip balm to keep my lips hydrated and plump. To achieve a nice round, juicy lip the lips need to be hydrated and smooth. My favorite by far is the Aquaphor healing ointment. It is hands down the best and most moisturizing lip balm I have found. I love wearing it at night before I go to bed because I can still feel it on my lips in the morning.


It is so important to have smooth lips when doing these steps so exfoliating is key. You could use a sugar scrub if you’d like, but I find a wash cloth works just find. I run it over water to get it wet and then run it across the lips to get off any dead skin cells.


Lining the lips is so important because here we will overline a tiny bit. You don’t want to get too crazy for this step, but overlining a little bit can really make a huge difference. I also choose a shade that is a little bit darker than the lipstick I am using so it sort of looks like a shadow. Think of contouring for the face, but this is for the lips.


It is very important when applying your lipstick shade after the lip liner to blend the two together so it looks more natural. Either use a brush or your finger to blend the two together so it is a seamless gradient between the two. This is also why you should pick a lipliner that is only a few shades darker than the lipstick.


I love using a shade a little bit lighter than the original lipstick shade to place in the center of the lips. This will bring the center of the lips forward, making them look more round and plump! Again it’s like highlighting the face, but for the lips.


Gloss is the final step to making your lips look nice and juicy and plump. I love a gloss with a little bit of reflects in it to catch the light even more. You could put the gloss only in the center if you want just the center to look round and plump, but I like putting it all over the lips to maximize the effect.
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