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Cleaning makeup brushes must be done.

There is bacteria and old makeup building up inbetween the bristles making them a home for infection as well as causing your makeup to not go on as smoothly.

Everyone dreads it but I found a soap that will clean your brushes as quickly as possible for only $1! 

Zote soap has been my favorite for a few years and a bar lasts me about 6 months to a year!! I usually get mine from Walmart or Meijer. It is cheaper in store than online. It is of course very affordable online, but to get it for $1 you have to go in store.

I have a lot of makeup brushes and I hardly go through a bar of soap. I heard about Zote soap on YouTube a few years back and I haven’t changed how I wash my brushes since.

Steps to cleaning my brushes

Throughoutly wet bristles

Massage bristles on soap to form a lather

Rinse Brush. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until water runs clear and there is no more residue on brush

Squeeze out excess water. Lay on a towel to dry

Repeat same steps with beauty sponges

I make sure to massage my beauty sponges for longer than the brushes because product really gets soaked up into the sponges. Make sure the water is running clear and you repeat the process a few times before you are done.

Lay out all your sponges and brushes to dry over night.

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